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Elle Woods in real life: Navigating the path to partner with Morgan Nighan

November 21, 2019

Did you ever consider becoming a lawyer as a potential career path? For the majority of us, it was one of those flashy careers that we all considered at some point. Maybe inspired by Elle Woods from Legally Blonde circa 2001 or because we were told we'd be good at it due to our debate skills. But very few of us ever actually pursued it - and even fewer were successful enough to make partner in a law firm by their early 30's. This is why we were excited to interview Morgan Nighan!

Morgan is partner-elect at her MA-based law firm and we got to walk through the experiences she went through to get to this notable career milestone.

We talk about:

-Why being a lawyer was always the career choice for Morgan 

-What it was like juggling school and studying for the LSATs

-The hardest part of law school - and what made Morgan feel at home 

-The interview process to become an associate

-What set her apart on the path to partner

-How she took advantage of opportunities that others saw as setbacks

And so much more! And yes, after completion of this interview, we did watch Legally Blonde! 

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