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How Passive Income Allowed Rachel Richards to Retire before 30

August 20, 2019

Rachel is in her late 20's and just put her 2-week notice in at work to officially RETIRE. Crazy, right??We're very excited to have Rachel back for another episode! You may remember her from earlier this year when she came on to talk about budgeting, debt reduction, and investing 101. These are all key topics for anyone in the first 10 years of their career as you learn how to manage your money.

Once you get the basics down, the next step is to think about how you can start generating passive income. The money you make in your 9-5 is your "active" income because it requires you to physically be there to make money, but there is a significant opportunity for you to start generating passive income as well. Think making money from a blog, course, book, rental properties or investments.

Rachel dives into what passive income is, how to start generating it, and how it allowed her to retire before 30. Check it out!

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